3rd Hour

5 Feb

What’s up you guys. Im in my  3rd hour which is Citizenship. Natricia is sitting next to me bugging me to be in my blog post lmfao but yea i knew that bitch since freshman year when we met in algebra she sat behind me and we aint like that bitch ass teacher

Middle School

29 Jan

So, Im half way done with my high school years & I miss Burdick !! I miss the teachers and all my friends. Dont rush high school guys it goes by quick

Ask Me Anything

29 Jan

So you guys comment anything and ill answer it in the comments below

My birthday

29 Jan

So for yall who don’t know… I’m having my birthday party next month. My aunt bout to be be fuckin it up with them cupcake and my very own cake lol well thats all for now bye


20 Jan

So, today I thought about writing about Janassi. Since I have nothing to do. Well, it all started July 16th,2005. I got a new baby cousin. Just a month after my baby cousin Isaiah was born. I was so excited it was girl. Then i finally got to meet her. I was so happy and she was so small.


20 Jan

So, today I get out in like an hour. I had my 4th & 5th hour exams today. My 4th hour exam was easy asab it was photography. My 5th hour exam was easy too. I did that last week in class. It was easy asab too. So, now i sit here waiting til 11:23 for the bell to ring again. This is boring asab. Lol

My Brother & Cousins

15 Jan

My brother is my brother. I got him til the end of days. That’s my family, my blood, my right hand (sometimes). But the point is that’s my brother. If he’s fighting I’m fighting. that goes for my cousins too. If my cousin fighting, I’m fighting too. Ya’ll got me fucked up. Sneek dissin on my brother ya’ll lil ass kids got me fucked up. I ride for my family. This is whats mines. Fuck what ya’ll talkin bout water is thicker than blood. Nahh fam it’s blood is thicker than water. Lemme find out who tryna fight and I promise ya’ll that I’ll catch myself a case but I’ll be happy. I ride for my mf family. My cousins and I ride for each other. You mess with them you mess with me. ♥ That’s mines. But you know I’m done tryna confront you lil ass kids. Enjoy ya’ll day. ♥


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